I’m Giles, a 6’5″ and 205lb ectomorph with 38” arms and 36” inseam. Active and into skiing, mountain biking and CrossFit, any clothes that do fit my length are usually massively baggy. I’m too tall for regular shops and too thin for big and tall shops, does this sound familiar?!

In November 2017, frustrated with clothes that are too baggy or too short, I resolved to never buy poor fitting clothes again. There are more clothing options available now for us tall athletic guys than there have ever been, it just requires some rather extensive searching and trial and error to find clothes that fit well! Tall Rack was built to solve that problem!

Tall rack provides an easy way to search through tall slim clothing options globally and provides reviews of clothes I have personally tried that fit tall and athletic guys. All recommended products have been personally tested and worn by me.

Leave your old ill-fitting wardrobe behind and join me on my quest for clothes that fit right!

I’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, recommendations or anything tall slim clothing related! Contact me here, follow me on the socials and sign up with your email to receive notifications of new reviews of clothes for us tall athletic men!