JCrew Tall Long Sleeved T-Shirt

The long sleeve t-shirt, an item of clothing given a wide berth by tall thin guys with long arms everywhere. Usually I end up with a baggy shirt with sleeves that end half way up my forearms! Not with the JCrew tall long sleeved t-shirt, sleeve and body length are 2″ long than JCrew standard sizing.

In a Large Tall size the shirt fits my 38″ arms perfectly and provides a trim fit – not body hugging but an athletic fit I love (see my stats here). I own 3 different colors (black, grey and heather navy) with the heather navy being my favourite. You have to watch for this one though, these items sell out FAST from the JCrew.com site.

If you are lucky you may just hit one of JCrew’s many sales, the best I have seen is 40% off and free shipping (including to Canada no less). With free returns to any JCrew store, this really limits the downside to prospective purchases – I will sometimes order multiple colors and sizes and keep only those items that fit and look perfect.

JCrew is also becoming my go-to for for sweaters and casual shirts in tall sizing. You can search their Tall Shop by your specific size to see what they have available.


  • Close fitting complimentary cut for us tall thin guys
  • Longer arm and torso length in the tall sizes


  • Limited availability
  • Limited color range
  • The JCrew Tall Shop is online only, but with free returns you can try at home and return easily to a store.

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