TM Lewin Shirts

I first was introduced to TM Lewin shirts by my buddy Mark in the UK back in the early 2000’s. Being a similar height, he had donated a couple of his old shirts to me when I came back from a stint as a ski bum and was looking for a “proper” job. They did the job and I was a fan from that point on.

The custom range of sizes TM Lewin offer in both neck and sleeve sizes is nothing short of astounding. It is a range of customization I have not found anywhere except custom tailors that cost double or more. The quality is first class, as you can expect from a Jermyn Street tailor.TM Lewin

I use formal double cuff shirts for work and the more casual single cuff shirts for dress down days and nights out. At last count, my wardrobe has 17 TM Lewin shirts, all with 16.5” neck and 38” arms. TM Lewin offer a range of fits, my current favorite is the slim fit which fits my ectomorph shape perfectly.

TM Lewin has seasonal multi-buy sales that can bring the cost down significantly. A buddy I introduced these shirts to now regularly orders with his office colleagues so he doesn’t need to buy 4 or 5 each time to get the best price.

If your arms are not quite as monkey like as mine, they offer a large selection of suits, casual wear, etc. I purchased a long trench coat from them a few years back that they custom tailored to fit my arms, but I have mainly stuck to shirt purchases.

For the price, quality and range of sizes these shirts can’t be beat.

Low down:

  • The selection varies by size and stock, check back regularly.
  • Multi-buy deals offer the best price.
  • Choose “Non-iron” shirts for the ultimate in convenience.
  • TM Lewin ship globally.

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